Chicagoland's Child Support Lawyer

In Illinois, formulas will determine the amount of child support to be provided.  Although child support is determined and set at the time the divorce is finalized, under certain circumstances, that amount can change.
Kanellos & Associates represents clients in all types of child support matters, including:

  • Establishment of proper child support payment levels in the divorce stipulation
  • Modifications of child support requirements
  • Enforcement of child support orders

Child Support Determination

The major factor in determining child support is the income of the parties and the number of children. Over the course of a person's life, the person's income may rise and fall depending on a promotion, a layoff, an illness or a long term disability.  These circumstances will change a responsible party's income and that party's required child support.
At Kanellos & Associates, we work with our family law clients to make sure they are receiving or paying the proper level of child support as mandated by law. When a party's income changes, we can obtain modifications to the amount of child support.  

Identifying Income

When parties get paid by wage or salary, identifying income in order to determine the amount of child support is not difficult.  However, when a responsible party is self-employed or the responsible party's income derives from a closely-held business, identifying the total amount of income to determine the amount of child support can be difficult.  At Kanellos & Associates, we will use all legal means to identify and uncover hidden sources of income which should be counted when calculating child support.
For a responsible party, union dues, pension obligations, and certain other expenses are deducted from income in determining child

support requirements. For clients who are responsible for child support, Kanellos & Associates can identify all deductions allowed under law.
Illinois child support laws have been designed with the twin purposes of providing for the support of the child and the protection of parent rights. Kanellos & Associates will work to make sure that the child support you receive or pay is in full accordance with the law.

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