Personal Injury

If you or a family member has suffered serious personal injury due to the negligent, careless, or intentional actions of another party, you deserve compensation for your losses and suffering. Kanellos & Associates can work to obtain the resources you need to recover from your injury and rebuild your life.
Kanellos & Associates helps clients obtain compensation for losses and suffering caused by:

Dedicated And Compassionate Advocates

Dealing with impersonal medical providers and insurance companies after an accident can try the will of even the most patient accident victim. But you should not live under any illusion. The insurance companies — whether that of the liable party or your own — will not do you any favors. For them, you injury comes down to a matter of dollars and cents.
At Kanellos & Associates, we help people who have suffered injuries in negligent accidents. When you speak with us about your injury and loss, we will listen with concern and compassion. If we decide to work together, we will then chart a legal strategy designed to obtain the maximum compensation possible in your case.
If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident, you do not have to face an unknown and frightening future. Kanellos & Associates will work hard to obtain the resources you need to face life with hope.

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