Wrongful death

A fatal car wreck can leave the victim's family in shock and struggling to find meaning where none may exist. A construction accident can deprive a family of a breadwinner. A defective product can end a promising career. A trucking accident can deprive a child of a parent's love.
When a negligent accident takes the life of a family member or loved one, the victim's survivors have the right to claim compensation for financial losses and emotional suffering. Kanellos & Associates, experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, helps obtain compensation for families — and justice for wrongful death victims.

Calculating The True Loss

How can you possibly put a monetary value on the life of a wrongful death victim? As difficult as it may seem, Kanellos & Associates attempts to do just that in wrongful death cases. But for us, it is more than just a dollars and cents calculation of the loss. We look at the effect on the family of the victim — what they have lost in terms of income, and also in terms of companionship, affection, emotional suffering, and guidance for the victim's family.

Maximizing Compensation

In wrongful death cases, as in all our work representing victims in negligent personal injury and traffic accident cases, we seek nothing less than full and complete compensation for our client's losses and suffering. When we take a personal injury or wrongful death case, we form a team of lawyers, legal professionals, medical experts, and engineering and accident causation specialists who are dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible for our clients. We assemble a team of resources, and then we pursue the case to a conclusion — all the way to trial if necessary.
Our record of success includes a verdict in a wrongful death case totaling $14 million. But a successful outcome can mean more than just money. It can provide emotional closure to the family. It may prevent the same type of tragedy happening to someone else. And most importantly, it can go some way to righting the wrong done to the victim.

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