Justice For Assault Victims

The victims of assaults must live with the effects of their assaults for months or even years after the event. Sometimes the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts of a bodily assault never go away. If the perpetrator of the assault goes scot-free it only adds to the emotional distress of the victim.
At Kanellos & Associates, we help victims of assault and battery, domestic violence, sexual assault, and intentional physical abuse get justice and compensation for the wrongs done to them.

Obtaining Justice Through Civil Action

Our legal system sets a high standard for determining guilt in matters of criminal justice. In a criminal trial the evidence must show that the perpetrator was guilty "beyond a shadow of a doubt". Unfortunately for victims who seek justice, assailants are all too often found not guilty or through a plea bargain suffer little if any punishment for their crimes.
Our justice system provides another avenue for bringing justice to criminal perpetrators. The victim of an assault can bring a lawsuit in civil court which seeks financial compensation for the financial losses and emotional pain the victim has suffered. The standard of justice in the civil arena is much lower than that in a criminal court. In a civil trial the "preponderance of the evidence" must indicate that the event and loss took place as claimed.
When the victim of an assault wins such a case, it can serve as a public recognition of the wrongs inflicted on the victim by the assailant.

Resources For Recovery

As highly experienced personal injury trial lawyers, Kanellos & Associates has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for victims of negligent and intentional acts. Our clients have used these resources to pay for their physical recovery, pay for rehabilitation therapy, provide income during their period of disability, and in compensation for their emotional suffering.
Before coming to Kanellos & Associates, three of our attorneys served as prosecutors in Illinois, and prosecuted hundreds of violent

crimes including assault, domestic assault, and sexual assault. We now put that experience and knowledge of violent crime to work in obtaining justice for victims of assault. We understand how to analyze evidence of criminal assault. We know how to present compelling evidence concerning the commission of criminal acts before the court. We understand severe medical injuries and the physical and psychological effects that these injuries can have on victims. In every case we take, our goal is victory and the best possible outcome for our client.
The consequences of a violent assault can linger for years, and can include permanent disability, physical scarring, and post traumatic stress syndrome. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an assault, Kanellos & Associates can work to obtain justice for you.

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