Felony Charges


If you have been arrested for a Felony in Illinois, you face determined prosecutors who have the power of the government behind them. Sometimes it seems that they will do anything to obtain a conviction. Kanellos & Associates is a Chicago Based Criminal Lawyer's office which aggressively defends persons facing all types of felonies which include possession of a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance, Unlawful Use of Weapons or UUW, Aggravated Battery with a firearm, Attempted Murder, Murder and all types of related felonies.


At Kanellos & Associates, we believe in mounting the strongest defense possible. In every case, our goal is to obtain the very best result possible. 

Kanellos & Associates defend clients facing all types of misdemeanor and felony drug charges, including:

  • Possession of all types of drugs and controlled substances — including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, pain killers, pills, and methamphetamine
  • Possession of drugs with intent to distribute
  • Sale and distribution of drugs
  • Manufacturing of drugs and meth lab charges
  • Prescription drug abuse and fraud
  • Expungement
  • And others

We Know The Law And The System


As a former States Attorney for Cook County, the principal of our firm, Constantine P. Kanellos prosecuted hundreds of cases involving drug distribution and drug possession charges, as well as other serious criminal charges.

We understand how prosecutors prepare their cases and evaluate the strength of their evidence. We understand the rules of evidence and how to successfully challenge the basis for the discovery, seizure, and line of possession pertaining to the evidence.

Whether the charge you face involves making crack cocaine, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, or prescription pain killer fraud, Kanellos & Associates will vigorously represent you in all aspects of the case to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. For a free consultation with Kanellos & Associates

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People v. Hall: UUW by Felon, Not Guilty Bench Trial.

People v. Bradley: Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, UUW, Not Guilty;

People v. Wilson: Attemted Murder/Aggravated Battery with a Firearm; Not Guilty;

People v. Washington: Aggravated DUI, Aggravating Resisting Arrest, Not Guilty.

People v. Rcks: Aggravated UUW, Judge reverses himself and finds defendant Not Guilty after motion to reconsider, October 15, 2009.

People v. McCune: Home Invasion, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, Judge reverses herself and finds Defendant Not Guilty after motion to reconsider.

People v. Streeter: Murder, Convicted of 1st Degree Murder, Judge reverses herself after motion to reconsider, Reduced to 2nd Degree Murder